Pantone 100 postcards project | days 25 – 30

by jenn on October 8, 2012

I’ve struggled to blog my postcards daily (goodbye Blogtoberfest aspirations!) but have done alright in the writing and posting department. Here’s the next six for you.

Day 25 | Melissa
Mel came to live with us waaaay back in January 1998 on school exchange from a little town in Nebraska, USA. I remember picking her up from the airport and how ENORMOUS her suitcase was. I remember the first time she had a sausage roll and a meat pie. I remember how she liked sausage rolls so much she had one for recess nearly every day. I remember that before she came to Australia she had never seen the ocean. I remember how awesome it was to have a sister, even if it was just for six months. It wasn’t always smooth sailing though, we definitely had downs along with the ups! But for the most part we got along splendidly and learnt a lot about ourselves and each other during her stay. We lost contact for a few years, but Thanks Be To Facebook, we’re now back in touch.

Day 26 | Maddi
{warning: potential vomit factor. No, really}
Maddi is another 12WBT gal that I went to Melbourne with in May 2011. We had probably chatted in the 12WBT forums a few times but I remember the first time we really connected was via twitter. I came home from work and tweeted that my nursing career had reached new highs (or perhaps lows) when I assisted a doctor to remove maggots from underneath a man’s foreskin. Maddi is a paramedic. She was highly amused and we happily shared grosey josey stories for the remainder of the evening. Maddi was pregnant at the same time as I was, and her little boy was born eight weeks after Charlotte. We chat, we challenge, we support, we laugh, we hang out when we’re in the same geographical location. I love her dearly. Recently she lost a friend in extremely tragic circumstances, just one day before I had her scheduled for a postcard. That’s some freaky timing if you ask me.

Day 27 | Aunty Rita
Rita is my mum’s second eldest sister, number two of four children. She is Cousin Jo‘s mum. Aunty Rita and Uncle Hans live in Northern NSW in a beautiful house that always reminds me of Spain. It is rendered white, with a lovely front balcony that overlooks the valley, and a leafy back courtyard that is cool and calming. Aunty Rita isn’t as young as she used to be, and her knees slow her down a bit, but she is graceful and lovely and kind. She’s also a lovely letter and card writer.

Day 28 | Wendy
Wendy left me a comment on this post, inviting me to contact her as a postcard recipient. When I read her blog post about sending 40 postcards this year, to celebrate her turning 40, I felt a wave of joy about how many people have been encouraged to put pen to paper and reconnect personally as a result of Kate’s project. I was also very excited that she posted links to Good Mail Day and Send Something so now I have no excuse not to find 100 people to send postcards to!

Day 29 | Julie
Julie was our neighbour for years when I was growing up in Canberra. She has two daughters, around the same age as my brothers and I, and we were all very lucky to grow up in a street with many kids and a wonderful community feel. Again Facebook, for all it’s flaws, has been such a great tool for reconnecting to old friends and I’m glad we found Julie again.

Day 30 | Lisa
Lovely Lisa is a twitter friend that I have been very fortunate to meet in real life.  Both of our husbands were somewhat mystified that we were keen to catch up for reals… at her house… What if she was a serial killer? What if I only wanted her address so that I could scope the joint and break in at a later date? I’m pretty sure they are both way more comfortable with random tweet ups these days. Lisa is warm and funny and generous and kind and beautiful and I just realised that I still have a book that she lent me a year ago. Must organise a catch up soon! She hasn’t yet met Charlotte, but was one of the first people to see photos of her thanks to her organising our ultrasounds at the radiology practice where she works. Lisa is another person that I wish we lived closer to because I really enjoy her company and I feel very blessed to have met her.

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Maddi hall October 16, 2012 at 1:07 pm

I love your blog …. It’s always a bright spot in my day :)


jenn October 16, 2012 at 9:05 pm

thank you my lovely x


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