Pantone 100 postcards project | days 20 – 22

by jenn on October 1, 2012

Day 20 | Jo:
I’m pretty sure that everyone who knows Jo would feel utterly blessed… and she knows A LOT of people. I had ‘met’ her in 12WBT and twitter lands but when I met Jo once at a cafe with a few other girls I was totally intimidated! She is a REALLY good egg – I realised just how good when she initiated a kilos of kindness campaign at one of the 12WBT finale workouts. She encouraged people to take the amount of weight that they’d lost during the round, in non-perishable items to the workout so that it could be distributed to people in need. She’s had many varied careers including nannying and working with foster kids, and most recently works for Sarah Wilson, whilst gypsying her way around Europe. She loves the ocean, she takes AH-MAZING photos on instagram which you can see here and here and writes a beautiful blog. Oh, and she likes door tables, just like I do.

Day 21 | Liz:

Liz was one of the first people from my work that I hung out with outside of the hospital – and she doesn’t even work in my department! She takes lovely (and sometimes eye opening, for prudes like me) artistic nudie photos and has taken photos of me twice (I blogged about them here and here). Sadly lovely Liz doesn’t live in the mountains any more so I haven’t seen her for ages.

Day 22 | David
My family are spread from pillar to post. Far North West Queensland, North Queensland, Western Qld, Brisbane. David and his family live in Brisbane. I wish we could hang out more often.

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