Pantone 100 postcards project | day 24

by jenn on October 3, 2012

Day 24 | Rachel
I met Rach after I moved to Barcaldine in Queensland’s Central West.  I had just ended a long term relationship and needed to get away for a while, so joined a nursing agency and requested to work in Barcy Hospital. I think we both sighed a mutual sigh of relief when we met each other. The staff out there were awesome, but there wasn’t really anyone else our age or demographic. We had a whale of a time; we drank – a LOT – we took photos (soooo many selfies!), we went exploring, we drank a bit more, we swam and sunbaked and shared meals and celebrated birthdays, we vented about past relationships and rejoiced in new ones. We made some of the local girls nervous, we drank a little more. Oh, and we worked full time. Good times. It’s funny though, we went back for the hospital christmas party a few months after we left Barcy and it wasn’t quite the same. The people were still lovely, the town looked the same…  I guess on some level I thought the partying was because of us almost… I didn’t drink much before and I didn’t drink much afterwards, so that period of getting tanked three nights a week was specific to my living in rural Queensland. The thought that such a culture existed all the time was astonishing. Anyway, Rachel is another gem that I am glad I have met and had the privilege of spending time with, and sadly she is another gem that lives too far away.

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