Pantone 100 Postcards Project | days 7-15

by jenn on September 24, 2012

Day 7 | Lisa:
Way back in June Lisa and I found each other on twitter in a mutual ‘I’m going to Blogopolis and I don’t know a soul’ wail. We agreed to meet up for a coffee before the conference started and then hung out that day. We email frequently and have recently started writing letters to each other as well. Lisa blogs over at Sweet Little Pretties and is one of my September sponsors! Please pop over and say hi :)

Day 8 | Steph:
Steph contacted me after reading about this project in Kate’s 100 Postcards wrap up post. She is doing a 100 Superhero postcards project and is writing about it on her blog Steph&Husband. Of course we’re doing a postcard swapsie!!

Day 9 | Krissie:
Krissie is another 12WBTer who is extra special because she also lives in the Blue Mountains. Even though we’re only 40 minutes away from eachother we’re a bit slack in the catch up department and have hung out less than ten times in the two years that we’ve known each other. Last time we caught up I had to cut our walk short as I had a very sudden, very severe belly ache! Despite that she still likes me… What a good egg :)

Day 10 | Tams:
Tammy lives in Cairns, but if she could live anywhere I am sure it would be Margaritaville. If I lived in Cairns I’d be a dying swan, poolside, all the sweaty days of my life. Not Tams! She’s SUCH a fitness inspiration; frequently up before 5am to get her workout out of the way. She introduced me to Etsy and she sends me postcards from her many overseas trips. What a gal :)

Day 11 | Julia:
Early last year I met Julia on a Triage Nursing course. She works at a major Sydney hospital but lives in the upper mountains. We said gidday and that was that. A few months later we found ourselves in the same intake of another course and I ended up catching a lift up the hill with her for the remainder of the week. Since then we’ve had puppy play dates, lunch dates and coffee dates with lovely chats along the way. She makes me want to work in a big emergency department. And then I remember that I’d probably be the one rocking in a corner, covering my ears and eyes, singing la la la la if a major trauma came my way.

Day 12 | Brett:
Aah Brett. Here’s something those of you who know both of us might have a giggle about. Many moons ago Brett had a role on All Saints. I thought he was a total hottie. A few months after Tom and I got together I was at his family Christmas gathering and there was Brett. Hello, I thought. My beautiful new boyfriend’s cousin is the hot guy from All Saints. Hmmmm. Six months later Tom’s mum said something that finished with ‘well I guess that’s one of the great things about having someone who is gay in the family’. Of course she was talking about Brett. Of course I had no idea. My gaydar is freaking useless. Brett is living in LALA Land these days so this is international postcard number 2.

Day 13 | Louy:
Louy is another gorgeous 12WBTer that I went to Melbourne with in May last year. She runs, she parents, she works, she’s gorgeous, she’s a total inspiration. I wish I could hang out with her more often.

Day 14 | Jo:
Jo is going through a really shit time right now. Please send her prayers, butterfly kisses, pink light, healing vibes… whatever you’ve got, throw it her way. She’s a beautiful, sensitive, generous, wonderful soul and she deserves so much happiness.

Day 15 | Nikki: 
Once upon a time waaaay back in 1993 my family moved in next door to Nikki’s family. Nikki’s mum Angela made some smart comment to my mum about making her a cup of coffee. Mum did. They made us rice pudding. It was amazing. Our families have been firm friends ever since. Nikki is a couple of years younger than me and has three beautiful children. She is energetic, funny, generous and really REALLY cool. Oh and really Greek. I love her. If you need a pick me up, she’s your girl.

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