Pantone 100 postcards project | days 16 – 19

by jenn on September 28, 2012

Day 16 | Karli:
Karli and I met back in 1999 on our way to a church camp in Tahiti. She was awesome then and she is awesome now. One of those wonderful, educated, talented, intuitive, beautiful, glamourous, generous, dedicated, informed, passionate, give her the shirt off her back type of awesome people. She blogs over here. You should read it. Karli sent me a voucher for a facial and a massage when I was the exhausted mother of an infant. Just because. I feel so blessed to know her and my life is so enriched for having her in it.

Day 17 | Cousin Jo:
My cousin Jo is seven hears older than me. She grew up on the Tweed and I grew up in Canberra. Every time we headed north for the holidays I just HAD to stay a night over at Aunty Rita’s place so I could hang out with my big cousin. Every time we headed north for the holidays I came home with a massive bag of really cool hand me downs. Every time we headed north for the holidays I felt so much cooler after hanging out with my cous. When we lived in Spain Jo came to live with us for a few months. She introduced me to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam, she took me to see Crowded House play to a massive crowd at Expo 92 (though I had no idea how lucky I was to see them). She rocked 14 hole Docs, short shorts and bikini tops. She was a hair dresser, a make up artist, a skate board distribution company part owner and an artist. Jo was, and still is, my cool cousin (no offense to the rest of you! -mwah xxx). I’m so blessed to have such awesome relatives and I love that as adults we still get along brilliantly.

Day 18 | Nell
Nell is my sister-in-law. As with my blood relatives, I feel very blessed to have a wonderful bunch of in-laws. Recently Nell and her hubby Pete had a bit of a scare. Their two dogs went walkabout for four days and were feared dead. There are a number of poison baits around their house (they live in a valley) and whilst the dogs had run off before, four days was by far the longest adventure they’d had. Thankfully both dogs were found, along with a wombat carcass. Gizmo has a few battle scars from her tussle and Zoey is still weak and weary from the excitement, however thankfully, both dogs are well. I figure a postcard might be a nice pick-me-up.


Day 19 | Fenella
Fenella and I are in the same mothers group, and walk together a couple of times per week. There’s not really any news that I haven’t already told her but she really wanted a postcard! Given the tragedy of Jill Meagher’s death, and the hopeless that many people are feeling right now, I thought a quote might be timely.

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