it’s time to go tech-lite

by jenn on July 31, 2012

You know how I love a challenge.

This morning, whilst vagueing out on Twitter I came across the Tech-Lite Challenge being hosted by Laney from Crash Test Mummy and Brooke from Slow Your Home. It will run for the month of August.

“The aim is to cut way back on the incidental online time (the mindless Facebook/Twitter checking, the constant email refreshes, etc) as well as the Vampire habits that are sucking time from our days – think smartphone in the pocket, laptop constantly open, Firefox tabs blinking with social media icons.

Essentially, we will be connecting mindfully and intentionally, as opposed to absently and passively.”

I have to say that I am LOVING Brooke’s blog now that I’ve discovered it, but that ironically it’s come along at a time when I’m trying to spend less time online, not more. This does not mean that I can’t read it, it just means that I have to fit it into my daily online budget.

Why do I need an online budget? This is something that I’ve been very conscious of for a long time. After reading The Winter of Our Disconnect by Susan Maushart back in January I set some digital hygiene standards. When Charlotte was born it was easy to continue to maintain these standards because I was completely disinterested in anything that wasn’t her. Then I started using the TotalBaby app to monitor her feeds/sleeps/nappies and I fell off the wagon big time! Overnight I went from having no phones in the bedroom, no phones whilst feeding, no phones unless necessary to having my iPhone on me day and night! I’ve tried a few times to pare back my tech use but each time I swear I end up mindlessly using my phone or the laptop more often than before.

I embrace the fact that we live in a highly technological society and I love that this digital age has enabled a whole gamut of new ways to communicate and connect. However with that comes a whole lot of mindless checking – for updates, for mentions, for notifications, for emails, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I remember a tweet I read once that said something like “Facebook is like a fridge. You keep opening it even though you know there’s nothing there.” I can so relate!

It’s time to get mindful.

Here are my goals for week one:

  • I will not take my phone into the bedroom or *gasp* the toilet
  • I will disable notifications on twitter
  • I will limit my online time to a couple of hours in the morning whilst Charlotte sleeps (AFTER the dishes are done, the washing is on and the floor is swept) and an hour during her afternoon sleep.
  • I will write blog ideas in my notebook so that I can use my online time wisely rather than thinking about what to write and how to write it.

Challenge accepted!